Eurythmy Course Thursday Evenings

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cropped-eur1.jpgWelcome to Art of Eurythmy.

Eurythmy is a modern art of movement developed by Austrian scientist and educator Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). Eurythmists work with the dynamic formative forces within the human being and bring to life the creativity and joy in works of music and poetry.

Eurythmy is a performing art, an educational discipline in Waldorf education, and is also used as a physical and pscyhological therapeutic methodology.

Located in the GTA in Barrie, Ont., Art of Eurythmy offered by experienced eurythmist Cynthia Gelder, is available for a variety of in-person courses and eurythmy sessions.


  • Eurythmy Orientation and Introductory Classes
  • Weekend Eurythmy Courses
  • Homeschooling Groups
  • Therapeutic Eurythmy
  • Individual Instruction
  • Weekly Courses
  • Group Classes
  • Skype Lessons

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Foundation Stone

Taken in Whitehorse, Yukon at a performance of the Foundation Stone meditation by Rudolf Steiner.